2 de junio de 2008

You know you're an Anthropologist when...

... your parents still ask what you do for a living.
... you irritate those around you by how often you say, "That's very Navajo because..."
... you've lost count of how many times you've seen Last of the Dogmen.
... you feel the need to give a brief lesson on kinship terminology every time someone introduces a "second cousin."
... you experience withdrawal whenever you turn off the Discovery Channel.
... you get into arguments over how dogs were domesticated.
... you watch The X-Files for obscure references to the Anasazi.
... you can name every bone in the human body, but none of the muscles.
... you've read every one of Tony Hillerman's Navajo mysteries.
... you can name most of Jane Goodall's chimps.
... your car has an "Archaeologists Do It in the Dirt" bumper sticker.
... you've memorized the narration to The Hunters.
... you can say,"And what do you call the husband of the woman who gave birth to you?" in a language other than English.
... your sister joins a cult and your first thought is, "Fieldwork opportunity!"
By Sharlotte Neely.

Robado de ACÁ.

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